Thierrens, Switzerland by ALexander Gellner

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Picture Story

In the constant struggle to find time for photography as a full-time employee, husband and dad, the opportunities that present themselves most reliably are when my daughter takes her horse out for a ride and I spend the time walking with her or strolling in the area with my camera. This was the case one day in early January, although it had already become quite late in the afternoon when we finally got going. The whole day had been quite dark and grey under a thick layer of winter clouds, and the little hope I had for a good photo started to evaporate with the fading light and incoming dawn.

The only reason why I brought my camera was that the weather forecast had predicted lighter clouds in the evening, and that I started to see some hint of light where the sun was supposed to be. After about 45 minutes of walking around, waiting in vain for the forecast to become reality, I was at the point of packing up and walking back to my car. Then, all of a sudden, show time! The clouds opened up, the sun beams came through and shed the area in spectacular light, against a background of dark skies and mountains of the Swiss Jura. Luckily, I saw that lonely tree, so I had my composition. But I was too far away. As I didn’t know how long this scene would last, I decided to take a picture from where I happened to be, using my long lens at 200mm to at least have something on my memory card. Then I ran like a maniac toward the scene, and after about 100m I took another picture. And so I repeated the process three or four times until the sun was gone. The whole show lasted about three minutes. The end result is a photo that presents the dramatic scenery of that day.

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