The Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland by Marcel Zizkat

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Picture Story

As a lot of people might know, this tree is situated in the Quiraing Mountains in Scotland – the road to this place was a challenge. After getting up at about 4am in the morning I wanted to take some images of this area in beautiful golden sunrise light in the middle of april. But getting up in the early morning I noticed quite a bit of snowfall outside. A friend of mine didnt want to get up because of the weather, but nevertheless I decided to go there. The snowfall got stronger and stronger and turned into a real snowstorm.

I reached the parking area 1.5 hours later than I expected. Slipped a couple of times into the snow, fell into a small river and got pretty much wet from the feet to the knees.

Finally I found the tree and the fog was so thick. I started to wait and after some time (time that felt like hours and hours for me) the sun broke throught the clouds and put some light onto the foggy scene.

Today the image is one of my favorit, because it shows that you never should give up. Although the circumstances might not be the best, you never know how what will happen. There is always a light rising up from the darkest corner.
So always stay strong. never give in....never give up.

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