The LIzard, Cornwall, England by Simon Betteridge

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Picture Story

Ever since meeting my partner, we have been visiting the southern part of Cornwall for our family holidays, mainly due to her family living there. The Lizard is Britain's most southerly point, somewhere previously I'd never ventured all the way down to. I couldn't believe how stunning this part of the coastline was, miles of well-kept paths with breathtaking scenery to stop you in your tracks, this was somewhere I needed to photograph, I was spoilt for choice!

As we had our daily walks along the coastal path, I would always be on the lookout for compositional possibilities, taking photos on my phone and reviewing later ready to revisit with my camera gear during the more favourable golden hours of the day.
On this particular evening I couldn't decide which part of the coastline to photograph, I wanted to have the lighthouse in view so proceeded along the path to this viewpoint. When I arrived, the wind have picked up and stormy clouds were moving in the wrong direction!

I carefully climbed down to the ledge and setup my tripod, the light was poor as the clouds continued to move towards me. I waited as sunset was fast approaching thinking that maybe I should have chosen to be the other side of the coastline where the light appeared to be. I started to think about packing up, then I noticed a gap was emerging through the clouds, the sun just started to peak through and the clouds started to light up. As the golden light cast on the foreground I started to shoot, I decided on a long exposure as the clouds were moving quickly and wanted show the drama. Only minutes later the sun dipped behind the mainland and the light was gone. I packed up and walked slowly back to where I was staying with a satisfactory grin on my face thinking this is why I love photography so much!

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