Swamp Titree, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia by Steph Ball

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Picture Story

A favourite location close by to my home, The Peesey swamp is a unique, below sea level seasonal wetland. Evidence of seashells explains the area as having been previously submerged by the sea thousands of years ago.

Plant life on the salt flats consists of grasses and several species of samphire with changing colours of greens to reds throughout the seasons. Early and late in the day brings out the extraordinary colours.

Locally named 'Swamp titree' (Melaleuca sp.) are scattered throughout this harsh terrain.
These trees remind me of bonsais with their gnarled and twisted shapes giving them their own distinctive character. This photo was taken at sundown, the tree glowing orange with reflected sunlight.

Rather than viewing them as lonely, I see them as strong and resilient withstanding difficult growing conditions.

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