Suurupi, Estonia by Arbo Rae

Sometimes it happens that the horizon disappears, and you can't tell exactly which is below and what on top. You feel like you're in between the worlds.

Took this shot in my favourite seascape location Suurupi, located near Tallinn, Estonia. It takes me only 20-30 minutes to drive by car from the place I live in Tallinn.

Seaside in Estonia is quiet often very stoney - loose stones taken to our territories during last ice-age from Scandinavia are laying in seabed and it is hard to get a good and clean sight to the sea.

It has been warm day but by the evening very thick fog has formed on the sea. The aim of my photo walk was to catch some interesting light through the fog or anything, that mother nature decides to show me at the end of the beautiful day.

The Sun was already quite low and started to glow pink through the fog. Walking by the seaside suddenly I noticed nice coridore between the stones with just one single stone, and a nice reflection on the water. I quickly changed my optics to telephoto zoom lens and as I always wear the rubber boots during my landscape hikes, took a short walk towards my frame I had in my head to the shallow waters in the sea.

I always carry full set of ND filters with me and this time I choose 6-stop ND in addition to the ca 2-stop polariser, so I could do pretty long exposure of 15 seconds.

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