Sunshine Coast, Australia by Michael Moore

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Picture Story

Me and my girlfriend had taken an impromptu day trip to the Sunshine Coast on a recent public holiday. I hadn't researched anywhere in particular to take photos but took my camera kit along anyway. I ended up seeing this beautiful gap in between the rocks on the beach and thought it was a great photo opportunity with the way the sea would come in through the gap. I got out my tripod seeing a great opportunity for a long shutter speed to capture the movement in the sea. I used my Sigma 10-20mm lens to capture a large area of the rocks surrounding the gap and paired this with an ND16 screw in filter. The resulting image was taken with a shutter speed of 1.6 seconds, I aimed for this shutter speed as I still wanted there to be a sense of movement in the water.

I captured a fair few images that day out of which I was happy with around 4. This one is my favourite of them. The thing I most like is the sense of calm in the image, yet the movement in the water still shows the power of the tides and the sea in general. I think the fact that it was captured at blue hour adds to that overall sense of calmness in the image. I have always had a connection to the sea and find that I am at my most peaceful around the coast, this image aims to convey that.

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