Sunset on the river IJssel, Netherlands by Peter Bergen Henegouwen

A week before my photography weekend with a friend I scanned for locations where the sun would rise and set along the river IJssel and I settled with 3 locations that would fit my purpose. At the start of the weekend I went to see these locations on my motorbike and found that 2 were complete inaccessible. Another problem was the weather on the first day as it was completely overcast (making our way to second and third planned locations). But as I seem to be lucky quite often, on the Sunday the weather improved and I had some nice sunrise photos. In the evening we came to this location near Giesbeek and although we scared away some sheep when we climbed the fences we enjoyed our photography hobby on the river bank and photographing passing shipping for a couple of hours. When sunset arrived again some clouds appeared near the horizon and again spoiled my idea about the planned sunset photo. I changed the plan and added a 10 stop filter to have this photo as a result. And although the plans didn’t work out, I was still pleased with the result.

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