Subtle Sunset on the Farm, Iowa, USA by Kristie Burns

It seemed like the snow would never end in Iowa this year but I was determined to get out every day and take photos no matter what the weather was. This day I had just finished taking photos of bison in the snow at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and put away my cameras because I had been on the road out of the refuge many times and thought it was "pretty boring." However, as I turned to the left as I was driving down the back gravel road to the highway I (gave a quick look in the rearview mirror) and then stopped suddenly. My "boring" landscape had been transformed by flowing fields of snow and a subtle foggy sunset. I couldn't believe this was the same road I had driven on almost a hundred times before. I pulled over and took a few shots until the sun went down. To me, it expresses how I felt about the long winter - it was so lonely and endless but so beautiful at the same time.

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