Stephen Bell • Drawn to Water

Elusive, ever-changing and varied: the bodies of water all around us are a source of inspiration for Stephen Bell. He tells us how the sound and sight are a unique part of his photography life

I was born and raised in Liverpool on the side of the River Mersey, and in my teens moved towards the Mersey estuary at Crosby. There I lived close enough to the marina to hear the clatter of the ropes and wires from the boats as I lay falling asleep. The river was a constant, so much so that in later life when I was away from large bodies of water it seemed strange that a river, lake or sea view was not immediately available.

Perhaps it is this that makes my photographic journey one that embraces and seeks out opportunities to find and record scenes that include water.

In any case, I love the chuckle of water cascading through rocks, the roar of a large waterfall, the peace and serenity of a slack tidal moment when the water is unsure of its direction, the monuments to the water’s edge we call lighthouses and harbours – I love to photograph these things.

Whilst I am happy to photograph field, plain, wood and hilltop, as well as engage in macro work with flowers, water is ...

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