Steetley Pier, Hartlepool, England by John Wells

I first came across this location from watching a YouTube Vlog from the pier next to this, my first trip was a 2hr drive for sunrise and I was rewarded with a fantastic sunrise with some great colours in it.

This was taken during the afternoon this week, the tide was on its way in and the once hidden broken pier had revealed itself and i loved the simple nature of the composition and new that a not so long exposure would be able to show the movement in the water alongside the smoothness you get with exposures longer than a few seconds.

The image was in my mind always going to be a simple square crop in black and white with a high key view which is what you see, the north east of England has a fantastic coastline with has many examples of groynes and piers in a similar state to this, weathered down by time and waves, well worth a trip.

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