St Tomaz Church, Selca, Slovenia by Mikhail Kozlov

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Picture Story

Last summer I was staying in Ljubljana and was looking around to find a good spot to catch up a sunset or sunrise. This St Tomaz is at NW 30 km driving distance near the old town of Škofja Loka. The name of the church seems to be quite popular in Slovenia so it can easily be mismatched with another spots. The most iconic one is St Thomas Church (Sveti Tomaž nad Praprotnim) in the hills of Northern Slovenia which is about 90 km driving distance from Ljubljana.

I found the place just before the sunset. Sun already moved beyond the mountains, but I was still very lucky with the overall light conditions. Church is situated on the small hill and surrounded by the local houses, so it takes the time to move around and find a spot for the clean shot. My advice would be to go earlier and plan the location little bit in advance.

For this particular image I used x3 bracketing with 1EV step with further merging and processing in Lightroom.

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