Split Rock Falls, Elizabethtown, NY, USA by Wendy Blanchard

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Every year me and my father drive up to the Adirondacks to shoot fall pictures. We leave around 4:30am. Every year we stop at Split Rock Falls. This shot was taken last fall in Oct 18'. I took two camera's to Split Rock knowing my Canon had the full frame and I may need a wider angle than what I have on my Nikon.

I climbed all over the rocks up top and decided to go on the side of the falls. Since there was not a enormous amount of water flow I knew I could get over on the side. Climbing over there is challenging with the equipment and stepping over gaps in the rocks. For this shot I certainly did need my wide angle camera. As the sun started to rise over the mountain I knew I could get some sun rays coming through. This is when I took the shot! It was the best lighting I've had in the years I have been going there. Autumn is the best season to visit. I definitely recommend going early in the morning before the sun glares on the falls.

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