Spirit of the Falls, Washington, USA by Erik Haake

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These falls are pretty much required for any landscape photographer in the Northwest, and while it really is something special it is surprisingly difficult to photograph.

I wanted to do something a bit different, so instead of using the traditional view point, I took a precarious position over the side of falls to get some foliage in the foreground and used a longer shutter speed of about 20 seconds to blur the water into ethereality. I then blended the exposure for the water with a faster shutter speed for the foliage so that the branches and leaves were not blurred. Thankfully, these falls aren't very well known to the public and one can often take their time to shoot it in peace without a crowd around. I sincerely hope it remains this way. Also, while the hike down to the falls is not particularly long, it is very steep and somewhat dangerous. I certainly recommend some hiking poles and to take your time if you attempt it!

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