Souda Waterfalls, Tzoumerka Mountains, Greece by Christos Vasiliadis

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Picture Story

My three day excursion in Tzoumerka mountains was magical. The weather was unpredictable. A lot of rain, sometimes even storms, a lot of fog, haze and hail. There were moments with lot of sunshine, which fortunately was not during the shooting time. In general, although the weather was bad, it was the "right one" to give me some atmospheric shots. Of course there were times where me and my camera were wet till the bones, but it was worth it. This photo is from the Souda waterfall in Theodoriana. It is a beautiful double waterfall of 25 meters height located in a wild and virgin landscape.

Going up the path there was raining strong, but fortunately it did not make me stop the effort. And this proved good for me. Reaching the waterfalls the rain stopped. On the branches, the drops of rain were glowing like diamonds. And then, the fog appeared and an atmospheric scenery was created. The only thing left is to find the composition. I wanted to create a composition, with lots of elements in it, and with depth. The main target was to capture the waterfalls through the trees, and also the mountain peaks that even at the end of May was snowed. So the only solution was to climb higher. As I climbed the mountain I found an opening among the firs that gave me view to the snowy peak. With some effort I managed to include the waterfalls to the frame.

This is the final result, in the foreground the firs, then the waterfalls and in the background the peak of the mountain. I waited the blue hour, until the last light of day began to get lost and I captured the moment.

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