Skukuza, Kruger NP, South Africa by Frank Cortese

A number of years ago I took a once in a lifetime trip to South Africa to visit Capetown and from there spent 4 days on a photo safari in Kruger National Park. For those not familiar with a photo safari, each day consisted of two excursions of four hours each. Typically leaving at 5:00AM and finishing by 9:30AM. After breakfast and lunch, we would set out again about 4:30PM till about 9:00PM.

Naturally, we were all photographing wildlife and their habitats while riding in an open air Land Rover. We had a driver and a guide who educated us about surroundings and animals. On one of many stops in the middle of the park, the rapidly changing sky and bare tree caught my eye. While I couldn't use a tripod, I was able to use a the Land Rover roll bar with a C-Clamp for stability to capture this simple quiet landscape - quite a change from the big 5 game. This vantage point would be difficult to find exactly again as we were with guides that navigated the park in the absence of road signs or man made markers. This was taken in December, a great time to visit the park.

Shot with a Canon 5D MK II and a Canon 70-300 5.6 L lens at F8 at 1/125 ISO 200

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