Seward, Gulf of Alaska, USA by Mark Clafshenkel

Seward, Alaska is a popular tourist destination and a busy fishing port. From Memorial Day to Labor Day you can expect to be shoulder to shoulder in crowds waiting for a wildlife cruise, fishing charter, water taxi or milling about the docks and poking around souvenir shops. But you can also find remote desolate beaches and forest of spruce and birch. I was beach combing far from the town one early morning and came upon this magnificent monolith about 200 yards from shore out in the gulf enveloped in the soft light of morning and sea fog. I was mentally transported to a time of vikings and mythical gods. I imagined great ships anchored in the gulf of a strange new world and on board giant god-like men eager to explore. I imagined perhaps this submerged rock was in some other time, some other world an anchor left behind.

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