Serenity, Wadden Sea, The Netherlands by Sjaak den Breeje

In contrast to the weather forecast, it was a cloudy evening. A beautiful sunset did not come. It was mid-May this year. I spent a weekend on the Frisian Wadden Sea coast to photograph on the mudflats. This coastline offers many beautiful locations in photographic terms and the light can be fantastic! In many places there are rows of posts that can strengthen your composition and the tidal flat can provide a beautiful reflection of clouds at low tide. But not this evening. It was rising tide.

I already noticed this location because of the pole line that ends in a nice curve. Because of the rising tide, a stream of white foam emerged in the water along the posts. This stream drifted towards the coast and bent off again for the posts. This created a beautiful curve of the white foam in combination with the weathered posts. The idea for this long exposure recording was born!

To achieve this, I used my 6-stop filter in combination with a gray gradient filter to darken the sky. With an aperture of f / 9, this ultimately resulted in an exposure time of 30 seconds. I took a number of photos until the effect with the white lines was the most beautiful. A nice addition to the photo is a little red glow just above the horizon due to the setting sun. The curve leads you to the beautiful light. This photo was made around sunset.

And now the water had risen so far that I had to watch out for wet feet. My tripod was now in the water. Time to go, I was satisfied!

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