Serene Pine, Lapland, Finland by Philipp Jakesch

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Picture Story

Sometimes it is really hard to find the right words for such amazing conditions. I've not been to the north of Europe before and so I also didn't experience the midnight sun so far. It is so surreal when you take a look at your watch and it tells you that it is two in the morning and you have just the most incredible light imaginable. When I took this image the whole scenery was in shade, but the sky was full of ambient light, so the scene was touched by this subtle conditions. To add a bit more drama the fog was slowly moving and making the amazing scene even better.

I placed this nice pine tree just a littele bit to the right and balanced it with a slightly brighter rock in the lower left conrner. These two elements are the central motives of the image. When I think back to that moment, my eyes begin to sparkle and I know, that I want to return to this magical place in finland. This country is so great with its 188.000 lakes and this great forests.

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