Senja, Norway by Kyle Barden

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Picture Story

I was on a photography tour on the island of Senja, in northern Norway. Since it was the beginning of August, there was about 3 hours between sunset and sunrise so our group had just stayed on the top of the mountain we had climbed to get sunset shots of the surrounding fjords. We hung around for sunrise, but the sunrise was a bit disappointing from that spot as there were no clouds to catch any of the morning light. Part of the group left to hike down to basecamp to get some rest and some of us stuck around. As a bit more time went on, the group that remained realized it wasn't going to get any better and we all packed up.

I was the first to be ready to go and since I was tired I started off on my own. Half-way to basecamp, The sun had climbed high enough to reach over the mountains and light up the ridge in front of me. There I saw a small tree that was growing out from the center of a split bolder. There wasn't a single other tree anywhere on this mountain and this little tree found enough shelter in the crack in this rock to be able to grow strong enough to face the winds and harsh conditions on this mountain ridge. With the rising sun in the background, I set my aperture to F22 in order to get enough diffraction to create a nice sun flare to complete the image.

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