Seljalandsfoss, Iceland by Kyle Jones

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Picture Story

Seljalandsfoss is a much visited waterfall on the Southern coast of Iceland. The trail curves behind the fall, allowing photographers to capture images of the sun setting through the water. On the evening of my visit, the sky had clouded over and there would be no sunset. At the same time, it never truly gets dark in May in Iceland, providing several hours to shoot in the blue hour. I arrived at the site at about 11:00PM and started exploring. I had brought some waders so I looked for some angles in the water below the falls, but eventually I needed to head up the trail and check out the view from behind them.

It was a good thing I brought my rain gear, as the spray from the falls was a constant barrage of water. I covered my camera and lens with a plastic cover to keep them dry and started composing this scene. Even without a sunset, there was a brightness in the sky behind the falls that provided some gentle backlight for the water. I framed the scene with the green hillside below me and wiped the water off my lens before each frame. I settled on a 4 second shutter speed to minimize the number of water droplets that had a chance to collect on my front element. With my aperture set to f/11 for my desired depth of field I selected ISO 400 to provide the exposure I wanted.

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