Seggiola del Papa, Ancona, Italy by Massimo D’Ambrosio

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Picture Story

The Passetto rocky beach is part of the Parco del Conero territory in Ancona (Marche district, Italy). It situated below a cliff and it is accessible thanks to a large and long white staircase that descends to the shore of the Adriatic sea. The beach can also be reached by a panoramic lift or by walking down across paths that lead to the sea. Going north of the staircase, you reach the most natural and suggestive area of the Passetto; here the environment is characterized by large white rocks that form inlets and channels much appreciated by landscape photographers.

The most interesting spot is the rocky cliff called the "Seggiola del Papa" (Pope’s chair), due to its characteristic shape. The spot is ideal for landscape photography, especially at dawn, when the sun rises behind the rock formation. The "Pope's Chair" can be photographed all the year and in any tide condition, as the latter changes the background changes drastically. On this occasion the low tide allowed me to approach the rock formation as much as possible to emphasize the background that creates guidelines to the subject, using a wide focal lenght. But it was not easy to shot the subject because of the waves that hit me constantly, at the end of the shot me, the tripod and the camera were completely wet. Seeing the wheather forecast, i expected more cloud cover and a reflected light in the sky but i could not complain about that i found, i was fascinated by the sunlight that hit the rocks in the foreground.

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