Sedona, Arizona, USA by Mark Fagan

My wife and I hiked up into the Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona hoping for a nice sunset. Sedona is about 100 miles north of Phoenix Arizona.The elevation is over 4,000 feet so the summers are mild and well as the winters. A visit to the Sedona area is wonderful anytime of the year.

After a short hike, we found a location that we both liked and waited for the sun to lower in the sky.

While we were waiting, I scouted around taking test shots and reviewing them on the cameras LCD screen. I noticed that in the multiple shots I captured, the clouds were really moving.

Since I had some time to kill while waiting for the sunset I attached a 10 stop ND filter. After a few attempts, I captured this photo which is one of my favorite long exposure shots.

At the time, I was using my first full frame camera, a Nikon D610.

To make this image using the ND filter, I used the cameras "live view" function. You can calculate the time needed to capture the proper exposure, or at least get you into the ballpark. From there you can fine tune the exposure to your liking by either increasing or decreasing the exposure. Sometimes it takes a little bit of trial and error to get it just right. A remote shutter and watch were used for the timing.

Back home with the photo loaded into Lightroom, I adjusted it to look like what I saw in the field. From there, I used the new Topaz Adjust AI software to give it a little bit more "pop." I like the final results, I hope you like it too.

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