Scholls Trees, Oregon, USA by John Pedersen

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One of my favorite drives in the country was not too far away from my home so on summers evenings I would grab my camera and head out for a drive through the picturesque wine and crop growing area outside of Portland Oregon. On one particular stretch of road, the road curves gradually and at the apex of the corner, if you look off to the right there are these three magnificent trees standing by themselves in a farmers field. Thankfully there was a pullout nearby that I could park my car. I grabbed my tripod and camera and waited for the sunset.

I positioned myself so that the tree would block some of the sun and hopefully create some rays of light near the trees. As the sun dipped lower, I took a few test frames and readjusted my position until I felt I had it just right. Then, as the sun started to go behind the trees, I took a series of images with the sun at different heights behind the tree, which created slightly different light patterns. This particular image is one of my favorites from the series as there are some good rays as well as a bit of light touching the tops of the wheat stalks in the foreground.

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