Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bayern, Germany by Michele Naro

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The majestic castle of Neuschwanstein, taken from an unusual position, from the village below Hohenschwangau. The most famous spot is that of Marienbrücke where you have a wider view, but the perspective, seen from below I liked a lot, fortunately I had with me the 24-105mm of the Sigma that at the maximum focal length allowed me to do this image, the cloudy sky and the fog have created the magic of an ethereal mood. The light was not great in some moments there was no completely, but at a certain moment a bit of light can pass through the clouds and that's when I exit the camera from the backpack and click completely handheld.

The south of Bavaria is a wonderful place starting from the Allgäu up to the Berchtesgadenerland is a succession of wonders, nature is imposing and offers breathtaking views. There are plenty of alpine lakes with crystal clear waters, bright streams and of course the majestic Alps, which stand out imposingly on the horizon. For photographers it is a real paradise, there are so many photo opportunities.

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