Sawarna Beach, West Java, Indonesia by Yudho Wiratomo

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Sawarna beach is a cliff type of beach in southern of west Java. It is well known to be one of the beautiful yet dangerous place for un aware tourist. Its huge wave in high tide season is prone surprising and dangerous. To take this photo, i hired one of the local just to observed the incoming wave. His job is to warn me when the wave is just get too huge so we both can escape. Arrived on the beach before the sunrise, I managed to get composition. Carefully placed myself and my camera to a rock formation as a foreground that i visioned to be some kind of waterfall when the wave is high enough. Yes, it needs to be huge wave but at the same time, not too huge so i get my self in danger. Wait for the combination of good light and perfect timing for the wave to become waterfall on my foreground and get the shot.

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