Sausalito,California,USA by Laurie Search

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My husband and I went to this beautiful beach in Sausalito, CA, for me to shoot the sunset. When we got there, it was so nice and quiet, without anyone else there! As it got closer to sunset, all of a sudden, we see this big group of people walking our way, and it turned out to be a photography class! There were about 15 of them, and they were all trying to find the best spot to set up in.

I really liked the spot I was in, and with all those people around, I couldn't really move around that much, because I didn't want someone else to take my great spot, and it was hard to find another good spot that wasn't already occupied! So I ended up having to pretty much stay in this one spot for most of the time! I would've much rather been able to move around a little more freely, but at least this spot did yield some great results!

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