Sarah Howard • When it Feels Right

It can be easy to make ‘good’ photographs but what about special ones? Sarah Howard tells us how to tap into the feeling of a significant photo

There are times when you go out to photograph and, for some unexplained reason, things don’t come together. It could be that the light is not quite right or perhaps you can’t find a viewpoint that grabs your attention, or maybe it is the subject matter or the sheer expanse of the scene before you. Often, when presented with a big view which looks wonderful to the human eye, we struggle to capture its beauty or majesty on camera sufficiently because the view is simply too big!

It is easy to make ‘good’ photographs, but what about special ones, ones that stand out from the crowd and really do justice to the subject? How often do you feel that you have created such an image? More importantly, how do we know when it is right? I am not talking about how our histogram looks or if the composition is pleasing, but how do we know that the image we have just created works? By that I mean that it is a success for you personally, as ultimately it is you who needs to be happy with what you are producing. Well, quite simply, it is a feeling often brought about as the result of a period of waiting for the right light, working hard on getting it right via composition, exposure and camera settings, and overall being very exacting of oneself. The image that is achieved easily is ...

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Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard is a pro landscape photographer and owner of ‘Image Seen’ which offers landscape photography workshops throughout the UK and Europe. She is currently working on her second book; ‘Photographing the Cotswolds’; part of the FotoVUE guidebook series.

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