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Sallatunturi, Finland by Peter Bergen Henegouwen

In the Lappish winter you don’t have to bother about the sun at high angles during the day. In fact, just above the arctic circle when it becomes light, the rest of the day is basically a sunrise/sunset. In my opinion all day (as short as it is) perfect for landscape photography. And with so much landscape and so few people, it looks like everything is perfectly pristine. Almost a shame to admit that this picture is taken roughly 50m from a ski-slope… But although tempting, I am not that much of an outdoor person to venture alone too far into the forest when temperatures drop below minus 20 Celsius. Unfortunately, almost every time I get there for a week of vacation especially to photograph the northern lights, the weather is not very cooperative. Overcast nights or no auroral activity. It means I have to return every year again. How awful !

This picture is obviously taken on a tripod. With previous experiences of frozen hinges, I now always take my Gitzo tripod and ball head with me and it never disappoints me. Also the Canon 5D never failed in the low temperatures. But I learned the hard way to be careful and patient when returning into a warm cabin and wanting to open it up. Therefor it is always good to find a sauna nearby and to warm yourself up first. And when the sun is ‘really’ set and it gets dark (3-4PM), I can spent hours playing with Lightroom and basically relive the day.

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