Saint Pierre de Broughton, Canada by Jean-Francois Pidgeon

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This is a quiet and isolated place about 10 minutes from my home called "les chutes Nadeau" (Nadeau's waterfalls). I like going there regularly and see what the site has to offer. Every season has something different to give the photographer. This time was last July in early morning and there was this nice golden light coming at an angle from slightly above.

I placed my tripod right in the water to get a better view and using an ND filter along with a polarizer I created this delightful view of the place. I think it carries well the quietness and relaxing mood I feel every time I visit this site! I look forward to return there... probably during autumn since the place will be quite different with the colours of fall! It is always interesting to have a "go to" place near home to create interesting images. I feel quite lucky that I was showed this isolated place!

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