Ruby Beach Sunset, USA by John Pedersen

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When I first started being serious about my photography, I began exploring the locations in the Pacific Northwest. One location is on every must visit list and that's the Olympic National Park. I planned a 4 day trip there from my home in Portland Oregon. Unfortunately, I had to plan the time around my work schedule, not optimum weather forecast. I had heard that this is a difficult place to capture a sunset because it is one of the wettest places in the US and seems to be continually cloudy/rainy.

As my trip neared, the forecast was looking somewhat positive with storms passing through just before I got there. When I got in to the area, it was cloudy and grey, however, I had hope that the clouds might break up for sunset, so I headed to one of the most iconic beaches in the park, Ruby Beach with its distinctive sea stacks. I was treated to one of the most amazing sunsets I had seen to date with amazing clouds, great color and fantastic textures on the beach for a foreground. The color lasted for a solid 30 minutes as I captured different compositions of the sea stacks. For this particular shot, it was the rocks in the foreground on the beach that really caught my attention. Setting up my tripod low, I wanted to include enough of the rocks to be a compositional element, plus, the motion of the surf, all with the backdrop of the sea stacks and amazing sky and clouds.

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