Robert Strain • Photographing Sand Dunes

It would appear unlikely to fall in love with both a person and the beauty of sand dunes at the same time, but that is exactly what happened to Robert Strain. He tells us how to get ready to take the perfect sand picture

A blanket and a bottle of wine escorted by cheese and crackers were all we carried out to the Coral Pink Sands State Park in Utah. I also took my first digital camera, a Canon 7D. It was more of a courting on sand date than a photo outing. We had been seeing each other for just a few months when Barbara consented to a trip to Zion NP with me. As we sat there, each focused on our growing attraction to each other, a small storm to our north started lighting up the sky. All at once, I was in love with both Barbara and light.

I captured a few images with that 7D. Images that did not do justice to either event taking place. But that was the beginning of my affair with Barbara, digital photography and the light that occurs around sand dunes. It was spring 2007.

Eleven years later it has remained a love trifecta. This article, however, is all about the sand and light parts. How do you approach the dunes safely? What compositions will work? When should you go? The goal is to ...

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