River Feugh, Finzean Sawmill, Deeside, Scotland by Ian Booth

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Finzean sawmill is an historic industrial site in rural Deeside in Scotland. It was built to exploit the power of the Water of Feugh through a number of sluices that control the flow past the drive wheel. There are many important photographic opportunities: the sawmill itself (now being restored by a group of enthusiasts), the river and it changing character from source to the merger with the River Dee at Banchory, and the weir that has been re-built to control the flow between the main river and the culvert that diverts water to turn the water wheel providing power.

The Falls of Feugh offers opportunities (in season) to observe and photograph salmon leaping as they journey to their breeding ground. The point from which the photograph was taken is on opposite bank from the sawmill where there is a small beach, just big enough for my tripod. I spotted this area a couple of years ago and have returned at intervals to get the right light and to contrast the two sides of the river: the bank closest to me has slow moving pools, while the opposite bank has the normal turbulent flow expected for a fast-flowing river. I took several shots but this one most encapsulates what I wanted to say about this point in the river’s journey to the North Sea.

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