River at Zadni Treban, Czech Republic by Mary Legg

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Zadni Treban is a small village nestled in the Beroun River Gorge on the back side of Karlstejn. Historically it was the defensive position where the Royal Stables and infantry were garrisoned for Karlstejn Castle. The river splits between two small villages with a narrow footbridge crossing it. Below the castle, vineyards have been restored. The area is heavily stabled today. Any day of any month is good to visit the area, particularly early morning or late afternoon as the light changes constantly in the gorge where the river runs with the sun. The gorge captures the fog where it settles. Unlike Pacific fog, it can be gold or blue depending on the season. It is a rare place where blue fog can be repeatedly found. On December 31, 2016 the temperature low was about -6C and the high -3C. Moisture is trapped creating hoarfrost and a fairyland of glitter and blue fog. In autumn, the fog will be soft gold, creating a fantasy of John Ruskin's story, "King of the Golden River" where fishermen catch magical talking fish with gold rings in their bellies.

Regular train from Prague stops in Zadni Treban. Cold temperatures are always challenging for anyone with Reynaud's. Put baked potatoes in pockets and wear surgical gloves under warm woolly coverings. Watch the weather calendar for fog as blue fog is quite rare. Pack the night before to leave early.

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