Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi, Brazil by Higor de Padua

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Picture Story

This photo was taken after a beautiful sunset, in the amazing city of Niteroi, in the state of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. In fact, from Niteroi, you have this view for the famous hills of the capital city of Rio de Janeiro. But to be honest, both cities are beautiful and complement each other, each revealing the beauty of the other. This view-point indeed, is called City Park, and is well-known for its view at the sunset.

In this late afternoon, I had my equipment ready after sunset. At first, a thick fog prevented the view of the mountains and I feared that it was not possible to make a good photo. However, the sun was fading, and the clouds began to dissipate, revealing the beauty of these mountains. My camera was mounted on a tripod with a telephoto lens, the Nikon 70-300, set at 100 mm to frame from the mountain range, exploring the compressed layers from the foreground to the background. Then the sky began to reveal beautiful warm colors, while the ground remains a pleasant bluish twilight, matching the city lights. Since it was almost night, I had to use a 30-second exposure, on the limit of the light conditions, a few minutes later, it was no longer possible to capture it. In the post-processing, I tried to get rid of the remaining fog, pulling some contrasts and colors back to what I witnessed in the field. At the end, I was very happy with the result.

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