Riisitunturi, Finland by Agnieszka Strzelecka

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In February, with a group of French photographers, we spent a few days in Finland. That day our goal was a beautiful and unusual reserve Riisitunturi. We set off very early, because we wanted to welcome the day at the top of the hill. A quite long walk on rockets provided a lot of impressions. We were surrounded by silence, the whole world was blue, the trees were bending under a thick layer of snow and it seemed that we were marching among the pilgrims fossilized on the way.

The temperature fell below 30 degrees Celsius, and on the summit of the hill there was an icy wind. Thin gloves (for the camera) did not protect the hands from numbness and I had to warm up my hands from time to time. After two hours the lens of my camera was covered in frost. But earlier it turned out that I had another problem. On the way I lost a leg of my tripod attached to my backpack (yes, yes, I found it on the way back). The "monopod" could not be used, because it was sinking into deep snow. So I had to take pictures all day long from my hand (let's add: frozen hand), which forced me to use high ISO. Bad luck.

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