Rifugio Pisciadu, Corvara in Badia, Italy by Jennifer Carr

During a two week long backpacking trip through the Italian Dolomites and an unexpected snowstorm the night before, I made the long climb to the Rifugio Pisciadu at 2587 meters in the Sella Group region near Alta Badia. With the clear night, I was looking forward to photographing a sky full of stars. I was new to the practice of Astrophotography and hadn’t planned the shot ahead of time so I was blissfully surprised when I found that I could see the Milky Way in the sky just behind the rifugio.

In mid-September winter was fast approaching and there was a brutal chill in the air and whipping wind that forced me to work quickly and efficiently. I was able to use the ambient light from the building to help light the scene and obtain focus of the rifugio at night. With my Sony a9 and 16-35 mm f4 lens stabilized on a tripod, I opened my aperture as large as my lens would allow and kept my shutter speed at 10 seconds in hopes of preventing the blur of the stars.

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