Reine, Lofoten Islands, Norway by Jens Klettenheimer

Picture Story

We were returning from Å, the most Southern point of Lofoten archipelago, where we had taken some long time exposures of the rough sea with the surrounding mountains during sundown. It was a day in early February, and on our way back to our traditional rorbuer where we stayed during our Lofoten adventure we passed Reine village.

All of a sudden, the wind was entirely gone. Only few clouds were still visible in the sky. The lights of the houses in Reine got turned on one after the other. So we decided to do another spontaneous stop to capture the beautiful reflection during blue hour. Using my Zeiss Loxia 21 mm lens I was sure to get some nice stars around the lights. I was too lazy to get my external shutter release out of the bag, so I slightly opened decreased the aperture to 10 while increasing ISO to 320 to get along with a 30 seconds exposure time. We really enjoyed this unplanned stop, and that is exactly what I love most about Lofoten: you get surprised again and again by ever changing conditions and hardly expereince the exact same scene multiple times.

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