Pyramid Lake, Nevada, USA by David Braun

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Picture Story

Late in the day, after a successful fall fly fishing shoot at Pyramid Lake, the winds picked up and various types of clouds moved in. My friend, at this point, was done fishing and decided to take off. I was left to hike/drive around and capture the desert landscape before the sun disappeared behind the surrounding mountains.

After about an hour of exploring, I stumbled upon this lone, weathered cottonwood and felt that it needed to be captured in the context of the clouds and larger landscape. I stayed in the area to shoot the sunset, but later realized that this was the most interesting shot of the day.

If you look closely, there are a lot of dynamic elements in this scene. Dust is blowing across the far side of lake, non-threatening high altitude clouds cover the sky directly overhead, and a combination of light and dark cumulus clouds are moving rapidly into and out of the frame. In the far right, you will notice the tufa formation that gives Pyramid Lake its name. I felt that it was essential to include that iconic geologic formation in the frame.

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