Presque Isle River, Michigan, USA by Gary Olejniczak

Picture Story

I recently spent time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the USA. This trip is an annual adventure where I chase fall colors in the abundant deciduous forests found in this area. I created this image near the mouth of the Presque Isle River on the western edge of the Porcupine Mountains.

The weather forecast for the morning called for overcast skies with a possibility of light rain. Conditions perfect for capturing the saturated fall leaf colors of the deep woods. I arrived at the location just before sunrise, allowing me to scout the area for potential compositions. This image was one of several that I found at this particular location.

The weather forecast proved correct, and the atmospheric conditions were terrific for the shoot. Even so, there were two issues that I needed to deal with for this shot. First, the river forms a gorge at this point in its flow. The rushing water, quite high due to recent heavy rainfalls, created a fair amount of wind movement in the canyon. My location for the shot was just above the gorge on a low hanging suspension bridge. I was just close enough to the water to feel the fine misty spray blowing through the scene.

I struggled with the wind and mist for about 15 minutes. I knew the breeze would die down periodically. I learned all about patience many years ago, and if I waited long enough, I would have a chance. Eventually, the breeze lulled steadying the leaves, and I was finally able to put a few frames of this stunning scene into my camera.

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