Porth Ceiriad, Abersoch, North Wales by Mike Marshall

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I had watched the weather for the weekend and found there was a large swell forecast for exposed parts of North Wales. The Lleyn peninsula points proudly out into the Irish sea and can be the recipient of excellent surf from low pressures developing in the Atlantic. Everything pointed to a great day as this beach in particular generates a reflective wave off the cliffs as the swell bounces back and merges with the next incoming wave. These peaks are perfect for surfing, but on this day, it was far too big to surf safely, due to tidal rips and very confused seas. Also the surges up the beach were extremely dangerous. The following day the annual surf contest was conducted here in perfect conditions.

The black and white enhances the shot in my opinion, the sun was difficult. I used a polariser and a 3 stop grad to try and balance the difficult sky, but keep the waves sharp.

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