Pistyll Rhaedr, Wales by Allan Evans

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Picture Story

Pistyll Rhaedr is the highest free fall waterfall in Wales, it was one of the first locations I went to when I got my full frame camera. I was eager to go back as my knowledge in photography had vastly improved since then, also the weather was promising mist in the morning and I hadn't seen any shots of the falls in these conditions.

Being a two-hour drive from where I live, I got up at 4am, upon arriving the mist was there but hanging at the top of the falls. After taking some shots of the falls, I hiked up to the top to find the misty shot I was looking for. Upon arriving, these trees were in view and I was instantly drawn to them.

The contrast between life and death and that the living trees branches are reaching out to the dying tree, which is why I framed the shot so that one branch just appears to be touching. The mist beautifully isolated the trees in what would have been a chaotic scene without it.

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