Pillar of Hercules, Petropolis, Brazil by Blake Randall

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It’s always an adventure going hiking to a remote location by yourself in an unfamiliar place. However, to increase the adventure I thought I’d not replace the batteries in my headlamp, get a late start and hike the last several hours in the dark. After finally making it to the camping area and getting some much needed sleep it was another couple of hours of hiking in the dark on a very poorly unmarked trail to reach this particular location for sunrise. Standing on the edge of this cliff peering down at these giant granite pillars rising out of the Brazilian rainforest with no humans around makes it all worthwhile.

To edit this picture I captured 2 frames for dynamic range and one high ISO frame to freeze the moving plants and blended them together in photoshop. I also added some dodge/burn, clarity/blurr and color correction.

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