Philomath, Oregon, USA by Joan Martelli

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This photo was taken about one mile from my home, in the Oregon Coast Range. It was taken a few years ago, but is still one of my favorite autumn photos. I used to walk here at least one time each week, with my dog. I loved the huge fir trees, and in this spot I always enjoyed the way the maple tree leaned over the dirt road. In the autumn, you could always find an abundance of chanterelle mushrooms under the biggest fir trees. I have photos of this spot in all seasons. It was a place of beauty and peacefulness. I write about this forest in the past tense, because it no longer exists. It was logged about 3 years ago, and a barren scar now exists where the forest once was. Logging is a fact of life in the Oregon Coast Range, and I frequently remind myself to not get too emotionally attached to any one place with large trees.

Even though I know this, it was still quite difficult to lose this particular forest. My dog and I continue to walk there frequently, and I am heartened to see that it has been replanted. Someday, long after I am gone, there will be another forest for a woman and her dog to take long, lovely walks in.

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