Philomath, Oregon, USA by Joan Martelli

Picture Story

I took this photo 3 years ago, on a freezing December morning. I live in the Coast Range of Western Oregon, which is an area that doesn’t get much snow. Rain is our typical form of moisture in the winter. However, when the temperatures are really cold, we’ll sometimes get a dusting of snow and a freezing fog which coats all the trees. I took this photo on a morning like that. It was bitter cold when my dog and I set out for our morning walk, and I took the camera along because I knew the conditions were right for freezing fog that would coat the fir trees like a dusting of powdered sugar.

It’s a walk of about one mile on a logging road to this spot; first through deep forest on all sides, and then up a hill to a northwest facing ridge where one side was logged several years ago. And, sure enough, the fog gave an eerie and almost magical feel to the scene. Well worth the numb fingers I had from working my camera. I can almost feel the cold again as I look at this photo. I love the look of a forest in the fog, and often take photos on foggy mornings. Freezing fog doesn’t happen very often, though, and I was glad that I brought my camera along. As much as I enjoyed taking photos at different spots along the road, it wasn’t a place to linger on this morning. On we went, and then back home, where a cup of hot coffee for waited for me, and a biscuit for my dog.

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