Petroleum Facilities, Baku, Azerbaijan by Hakan Yurtcan

There was a storm outside and I absolutely like taking photos in bad weathers. I am working 6 days in a week and I have to wait for weekends or holidays for taking photos. This location was close to where i live/work for that time and i went there couple of times to take photos. It was spring and there was a public holiday for navroz (which is a celebration for the coming of summer) and i decide to take my chance. In Summer time people are swimming in that place and beach is full of people ,so it is hard to take photos in that period. However, in spring beach is empty and it is suitable for taking photos. I decided to take long exposure because of the waves at the sea. The Sun was going down and i needed to be hurry. I could have taken few shots and some of them was after the sun set and unfortunately my heavy tripod was not with me. Wind was strong than i thought and i was trying to keep my tripod stable. I lost some of the shots but at the end of the day I like the result.

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