Pemaquid Point, Maine, USA by Pamela Walz

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Picture Story

I read about the Pemaquid Lighthouse at Pemaquid Point in the state of Maine- USA. I looked at photos of it and saw puddles of water on the rocks in front of the lighthouse- good for creating reflections. I decided it was worth the effort to photograph this place.

I went to the site the day before where I saw puddles on the rocks, but I also saw that the rocks down to the puddles were steep. I would need to position my tripod directly in front of a puddle.

Early the next morning, in the low light I didn't walk to the site; I crawled. Carefully.

I experimented with different apertures and no filter. The shot I liked the most was with a 3 stop ND filter; it made the water look smooth. There were no color adjustments made in post-production. I lightened the foreground and enlarged the lighthouse area to bring in more in focus. I crawled out the same way I came in - carefully. My settings were: Aperature f/9, ISO 200, and a 90 second exposure. The file didn't contain a shutter speed.

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