Old House at Night, Quincy, WA, USA by Stephen Whiston

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My friend and I left work one evening and drove from Seattle to the other side of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington State. The area is home to many farms and is relatively flat with lots of fields and the occasional deserted and decaying old house. I wanted to capture a look of mystery so I went with black & white to give emphasis to the decaying house and had my friend stand in the lower window to add some more mystery.

Getting to the house was pretty tough as it was in the middle of a field and we only had small lights with us and it was pretty dark out. This picture is a few years old and I was still using my Canon 5d Mk II which was a great camera for it's day. I walked around the area trying to find the best composition and liked this angle for the way the tree formed a wall to the house along with a gentle slope to the hill on the left edge. The exposure was 30 seconds long so I had time to paint the tree and house with a flashlight as well as having my buddy light the interior while he was standing in the window. All in all, it was a great trip with a fellow photographer, even if it meant all-night driving!

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