Odensbacken, Oerebro, Sweden by Ludwig Riml

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I had been photographing this oak tree many times and in many different conditions. This day was very gloomy and thick fog was lingering around the house when I was looking out the window. I always get very alert under such conditions and "my" oak was immediately coming to my mind.

Arriving at the location I realized that the condition was just as I had hoped for. Foggy, moody and subdued ocher colors of the old reed alongside the snow covered road and the tracks of an animal, maybe a fox. I decided to let these few elements lead the eye into the picture to the main subject. The only distracting element in this otherwise clean and minimalistic composition was an electricity line cutting through the picture horizontally which could not be avoided in field. It gave me a lot of work to erase in post, since the wires where behind the branches of the tree. That is always kind of tricky.

I really enjoy photographing in winter because of the snow eliminating a lot of otherwise distracting elements. It allows me to be more abstract and helps the main subject to be accentuated in a natural way. Fog also has the same influence to a picture. All unnecessary information gets subdued and the scene becomes enveloped in a mystical, moody atmosphere.

When it comes to post processing I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik software together with luminosity masks created by Tony Kuyper. He has created a sophisticated system which allows me to target specific tones in the image to make adjustments according to my vision.

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