Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, USA by Lynn Wraith

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This is an image that wasn't planned. I was part of a group, and on this cold January morning, we were supposed to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. However, the transport was late and there wasn't enough time to get to the shoot before sunrise. The Oakland Bay Bridge was the nearest alternative, but it was going to be tight.

Once at the location, the group formed a line but there wasn't enough room for me to get the right angle to include the sunrise and the whole bridge, even with my 17-35mm lens. It was suggested that I move 100m closer to the bridge, which I did. I was the only photographer at this location but it still looked like it was going to be a disappointment. However, on the positive side the sun was about to rise at the far right hand corner of my image and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but I had the whole bridge and more in my viewfinder.

Suddenly there was a glow forming on the horizon. I didn't want smooth water so I reduced my exposure time and had a ND grad lined up.

During processing I adjusted the white balance slightly and lifted the shadows and other slight adjustments to make this spectacular image.

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