Northern Lights in Akasmylly, Lapland, Finland by Fabien Guittard

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Picture Story

With our snowshoes on, we only hear the snow crunching under our feet. All around us, the trees are frozen under their layer of snow and ice, suspended all winter long in their movement.

In that month of February, the temperature had dropped to around -25°C in Finnish Lapland.

After walking through the trees in the high and heavy snow, we spent the beggining of the evening in the cold, admiring the still landscape, with those trees trapped in their ice gang as far as eyes can see.

In the middle of the night and of the forest, all is still but the sky over my head where northern lights are graciously moving and flashing their incredible colours.

It is quite difficult to describe how it's like to be out in the very very cold, very very deep night, so much quiet with not a single bird to be heard around, and staring at such a magnificent light show above our heads.

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